INASEA is an independent private institute for sustainable activities at sea. It provides maritime service in qualification of workers, support sea projects such as cruising or new engineering technologies, and conduct multidiscipline research missions.
INASEA is a certified provider of continuing education and our training program works accordingly to international standards.
All our services are ISO9001:2008 certified and hold the official accreditation of the German Employment Agency. The courses were evaluated on a yearly base and are officially recognized by Labour Protection act, governmental trade control centre, and German employer’s liability.

We decided on purpose not becoming an OPITO / NOGEPA /OLF /GWO training supplier because these 'standards' are only national industry standards of the particular countries. Presently Germany goes offshore and being the first certified and still one of less training suppliers it is strategically important which standard we implement.

INASEA promotes an European or international standard. We are working on European ISO and one on an international IMO level training standards. The involvement in current commitees guarantees that our training program is always state of discussion.

Aware, the approval discussion, and that the persons working offshore have to attest their training, INASEA attests the course’s attendees a detailed certification that describes the course contents in detail. This enables the international employer to check the subjects the person has been trained.

our courses for offshore industry:

  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training BOSIET
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training & Emergency Breathing System (HUET & EBS)
  • working at heights

our courses for sailors:
  • STCW
    • Basic Safety Training:
      • Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques (A-VI/ 1-1; )
      • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (A-VI/ 1-2, )
      • Elementary First Aid (A-VI/ 1-3)
      • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (A-VI/ 1-4, )
    • Safety Training & Crowd Management Training
    • Advanced fire fighting (A-VI/3)
    • Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats (A-VI/2